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Welcome to Noosa Council's Online Services.

Council will continue to develop the range of online services offered.

Applicaton Search
You can keep track and view details of developments within the region.
Public Notices
You can view details of developments within the region that are open for Public Submissions.
Online Requests
Submit requests relating to barking dogs, pot holes, parks and tree pruning.
Land Search
Search for a Land Parcel by Address ot Lot/Plan Details
Online Payments
Pay your rates, infringement, animal, debtor account, licence renewals or a number of different application types using your credit card. A credit card surcharge of 0.5% will apply to all credit card payments.
Submit an Application
You can submit an online application for Property Searches, Stormwater As Constructed Searches or Formal Ceremonies on Public Land. More application types will be available shortly.

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